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Discover the history, experience and passion of Thomas Numismatics collections

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Discover the history, treasures and shipwrecks of Thomas Numismatics collections

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Why buy with Thomas Numismatics?

Whether you are a collector or dealer, a beginner or expert numismatist, Thomas Numismatics is the online reference to enrich your coin collection. You will find prestigious items: coins, medals, tokens, and paper money (bank notes and assignats). Our large reference catalogue is made up of rare and high quality items.

When you buy from Thomas Numismatics, you are guaranteed an expert service. All the coins available in our shop have been authenticated. Purchases and deliveries all comply with safety and protection regulations.

Our french shop, just like your passion, is qualified and genuine. Excellence and precision are our two core values. Let us build your numismatic collection together.

Thomas Luques, Founder
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Fenn’s treasure hunt


This treasure hunt story should appeal to you. In 2010, the American art dealer Forrest Fenn launched a gigantic full-scale treasure hunt. He announced that he had hidden a bronze…

Augustale: an Italian coin


Do you know Augustale? They are highly sought after gold coins in the numismatic world and are among the most famous coins of the Middle Ages. Minted in Italy from…

Nuestra Señora de Atocha treasure


In 1621, the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, an imposing Spanish galleon, made its first voyage to Spain during which it broke its mast. Was this announcing a bad omen? Indeed,…

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