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Purchase and Consignment of coins with Thomas Numismatics

Who are we?

You have decided to sell a part of your collection ? Our firm of experts in numismatics is ready to assist you in your project. Whether you are a collector and a dealer, Thomas Numismatics is the new online reference. We are specialized in the sale of prestigious objects on the Web: coins, medals, tokens, bills, etc. Our goal is to offer you a premium service that meets your expectations.


What solutions do we offer to you?

Two possibilities are available to you:

  • either you sell your numismatic items directly to us. After the expertise of your coin or banknote, we send you a proposal. If you accept our offer, the purchase is immediate;
  • or you choose to sell on consignment (deposit-sale). We sell your collection to our customers and we take a commission on the selling price.


Why choose the consignment ?

The consignment is the option to be privileged, whether it is for the sale of one coin or a large collection. The goal is to make the most of them and to ease this task for you. We take care of everything for you.

You will be warmly welcomed and we will be delighted to discuss our common passion with you. Our credo? Professionalism and excellence. Our numismatic office will take special care to review your request in order to offer you the most reliable and precise estimate possible. You will thus be assured to get the best selling price for your objects.


All the benefits of the consignment with Thomas Numismatics


A firm of experts in numismatics

Our personalized advice is given by experts with a recognized experience on the numismatic market in France and internationally.


A human exchange above all

The relationship is essential in our service. We listen to our customers and we give priority to personalized and sincere communication.

A dynamic sales system

Your coins and banknotes will be put on sale on our premium online store as well as on the different online sales platforms and marketplaces (eBay, MA-Shop, Vcoins…).

Your products will be highlighted on our various media: newsletter, social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and will be the subject of paid advertisements, which we fully support.

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A careful presentation

Your objects are valued thanks to an individual sheet. Each presentation is optimal. It contains a precise and attractive description along with professional high quality photography.


A high visibility

Our visibility is international and our online store is aimed at both French and English speakers.


A reliable experience

You will benefit from the notoriety of Thomas Numismatics. Our rigour and reliability guarantee you secured transactions.

A loyal client base

Your items will be presented to our large clientele of collectors and our faithful community.

Appointment booking

You want to sell your coins, medals, tokens and paper money ? Contact us to discuss:

  1. By email at Please attach to your message the list of your coins and their pictures.
  2. By phone at +33 (0)6 35 22 71 39.
  3. A hand delivery may be considered for higher security.
  4. Complete the form below

Good to know

Right now, think about putting together a “file” including all the information you have: provenance, date of purchase, pedigree, history, work(s), sales catalog(s) and any other references. This will facilitate the process of the operation.

Sens us your pictures via our contact form

    STEP 1 - Pictures of your coin

    File format: jpeg|jpg|png|pdf Maximum weight: 5mb

    STEP 2 - Receive our estimation