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The Douro Treasure

gold sovereign 1872 treasure rms douro shipwreck treasure AU 53 obverse

On 20th and 21rst November 1996, the international auction house Christie’s organized the auction of the Douro Treasure in London. The event was a success. It attracted not only numismatists,…

The Rive d’Or Hoard

Trésor rive d'or

The Rive d’Or Hoard, also known as the Bank of Gold Hoard, is one of the most famous gold coin treasures discovered in Europe. Gold coins had sat in a Paris bank vault and remained out of…

The Treasure of Saint Wandrille Abbey

trésor abbaye saint wandrille

The abbey of Rives-en-Seine, located in the Norman department of Seine-Maritime, was the scene of an incredible treasure hunt in 1954. Orchestrated by Father Dom Donaint, a scouting game turned…

The Treasure of Rue Mouffetard – Gold Louis d’Or Auctions

Catalogues de vente du trésor de la rue mouffetard

Discover the prestigious auctions of Gold Louis d’or from the rue Mouffetard treasure, between 1939 and 1972. Out of the 3 major auctions that took place in 1939, 1952…

The Hidden Treasure of the Rue Mouffetard

Portrait des ouvriers résor de la Rue Mouffetard

The treasure of the Rue Mouffetard is a fabulous French numismatic find. This story of gold coins hidden in a mystic hoarder’s apartment, in the heart of Paris, has aroused great curiosity. The Louis…

The Treasure of Vendée – Gold coins Louis d’or Louis XVI

Le trésor de Vendée

In the world of numismatics, history and the kings of France have a privileged place. Very often, there are also men little known to the general public, but illustrious characters of their time…

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