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Napoleon coin: a fabulous modern coin

Napoléon III

The 100-franc piéfort tête laurée is a fine example of a fascinating French coin. This piece dates from the Second Empire under Napoleon III. It was minted in 1861. On the obverse, the portrait of Napoleon III Emperor is drawn, his head decorated with a laurel wreath. Just below his neck, a star surmounts the signature of the engraver Barre. On the reverse, the words Empire Français are inscribed, accompanied by the date and the intrinsic value of the coin, 100 frs. In the center, it is the imperial arms which are protected by a crowned mantle, the scepter and the hand of justice.

This gold coin weighs 42.8 grams and measures nearly 34.8mm with a smooth edge. This Burnished Flank copy has an intense cameo effect, ULTRA CAMEO. This piéfort was a test. It is therefore rare and in an exceptional state of conservation, in a state fleur de coin. This essay is close to the 100 common francs of the time with a variation in the different levels, it has a star on both sides of the coin as well as an anchor on the reverse. Another difference should be noted, the number 6 from the year 1861 has been re-engraved on a 5.

This exceptional Napoleon coin is NGC PF 65 ULTRA CAMEO certified. It was sold for 580,000 euros in 2021 by an auction house.

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