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The Titanic story

L'histoire du Titanic

The RMS Titanic was made world-famous in 1997 with James Cameron’s film. Destined to carry the British mail, the liner was at first the pride of England, praised for its…

The Ducat: the jewel of European coins


The Ducat is a gold coin born in Italy which circulated widely in Europe in the Middle Ages, from the 12th century. Its production reached its peak in the 17th and 18th centuries and its use continued …

The treasure of El Cazador

shipwreck el cazador

The shipwreck of El Cazador is known as one of the events that “changed the world”. Indeed, it had a significant impact on the history of the western world and…

Animals on ancient coins

Athenes tetradrachme revers-3

Numismatics is also a way to immerse oneself in iconography. Coins have always been the ideal medium for spreading an image to the greatest number of people, over a vast…

Gold Sovereign: A british coin

Australia - Sovereign gold - Victoria 1896 S - NGC XF Details - shipwreck SS Egypt

The Gold Sovereign is an iconic coin of the United Kingdom; a symbol of English political power that has spanned over 500 years of history. The coin has been minted…

American 20 dollar gold coin


The 20 dollar coins are among the most famous American gold coins. There are two types: the Longacre and the Saint-Gaudens 20 dollars. Struck between 1849 and 1933, these coins…

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