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Monnaie de Paris Museum

Monnaie de Paris was founded in 864 and is considered the oldest institution in France. Its role has always been to strike French coins. For nearly 1200 years, this company has worked for the transfer of metal know-how and played an essential role in numismatics. Located at the heart of Paris, the historical factory remains the art objects’ production. Its museum on the rue Conti is open to the public and explains the history and the functioning of the Monnaie de Paris.

A coin factory

The Paris manufactory

The Paris manufactory is now reserved for works of art in precious metals. Installed since 1775 in the 6th district of the capital, quai de Conti, the workshop is occupied by craftsmen with exceptional know-how. They produce gold and silver coins, medals, jewelry, etc. in the pure French tradition, inherited from the techniques used for the Louis d’or and the Napoleons.

The mints of Paris use the minting press. They master the techniques and work exclusively with noble materials, gold and silver. They produce coins minted in small series and coins in “Belle Épreuve” quality, with a precious appearance, which are intended for the collection.

Approximately 100,000 medals are also produced each year at the Monnaie de Paris. The Monnaie de Paris is also responsible for the minting of civil and military decorations. Preparation of the blanks, stamping, sandblasting, polishing, patination, all these skills are passed on from generation to generation.

Last but not least, the Monnaie de Paris team also includes jewelers and enamellers. As the jeweler of France, each design is transformed into an exceptional piece of jewelry by the craftsmen. Finally, an art foundry is still in operation on site, as well as an engraving and tooling workshop.

museum monnaie de paris
Monnaie de Paris ©wikimedia-PHGCOM

The Pessac workshop

Since 1973, the manufacturing workshop of current coins, belonging to the State, has been relocated to Pessac in the department of Gironde. In this manufactory, about 800 million coins are minted each year. These are mainly French euros, although more than a third of the coins produced are foreign currencies.

In the workshop of Pessac, many craftsmen are busy at work:

● the engraving of the corners, the imprint used for the obverse and reverse of the coins;

● the coinage, that is to say the striking of the blank on the corners;

● packaging and shipping;

● denaturation of worn coins.

The Monnaie de Paris develops quality manufacturing techniques that are recognized worldwide. Its research and development department is constantly working on technological innovations.

A museum located on 11 quai Conti

Monnaie de Paris is also a museum, open to all, on the art of metal. With a collection of approximately 170,000 objects, the museum located on the Quai de Conti allows its visitors to learn about the history of numismatics and to enjoy exceptional coins and medals. The collections include approximately 70,000 medals, 40,000 coins, 18,000 paper coins and 5,000 tools.

The Monnaie de Paris Museum looks back at the history and manufacture of coins from its creation to the present day. It retraces the processes, explains how the metal shapes are made up with the foundry, what the sides are, the different minting techniques, the diversity of metals, the manufacture of the corners, the tools for minting the coins. One room focuses specifically on numismatics and the art of collecting.

museum 11 quai conti
Museum 11 quai Conti ©flickr-Jean-Philippe Dalbera

The 11 Conti Museum highlights an exceptional heritage and presents metal in all its forms, with original angles and points of view. Different disciplines are approached with the aim of enhancing the collections and the know-how of the coin museum teams. The Paris Mint puts the spotlight on the men and women who work with metal on a daily basis.

The museum tour is designed to appeal to all the senses. Through touch, observation, smell and listening, visitors are led to live a global experience to better understand the world of money.

The 17th and 18th century architectural buildings also offer temporary exhibitions that retrace the steps of numismatics and the history of money. Contemporary art exhibitions are also scheduled to highlight the museum’s heritage collection.

Source :
Musée Monnaie de Paris

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