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The Rive d’Or Hoard

The Rive d’Or Hoard, also known as the Bank of Gold Hoard, is one of the most famous gold coin treasures discovered in Europe. Gold coins had sat in a Paris bank vault and remained out of circulation for decades. When the coins were rediscovered and released by an American dealer in 2008, they triggered a substantial curiosity and great interest among the numismatists.

The Rive d’Or Collection: a long-lost treasure

How did they end up in a French bank? The worldwide coins of the Rive d’Or collection certainly came from the numerous exchanges and commercial transactions that took place between the two continents in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

It is being said that the Rive d’Or Collection was carefully accumulated by a far-sighted collector, seeking security when Europe was ravaged by war and economic instability. In any case, the treasure is mainly composed of gold coins acquired during and after the Second World War.

This is also what is fascinating about this treasure trove. How could such a rich coin collection be forgotten and resurface years later?

Bank treasure

Rive d’Or: one of the largest collections of American coins

The Rive d’Or Hoard was mainly composed of coins from the United States.

These American gold coins are all the more precious for millions of coins were melted down in the United States from the 5th of April 1933 on. At that time, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was conducting a policy to fight the Great Depression and support the poorest population. As part of the New Deal, he introduced a reform on the financial markets to revitalize the economy.

By signing Executive Order 6102, he forced the American people to hand over all of their gold possessions to the Federal Reserve: coins, ingots, certificates and securities. From then on, it became forbidden possessing gold. Citizens were liable to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. This is most certainly the reason why, in the United States, the Rive d’Or Collection is considered as one of the greatest treasures of vintage American gold coins ever discovered.

All of the coins from this “Rive d’Or Collection” pedigree are rare and sought after, such as the $20 Liberty gold coins minted in the midst of the Civil War between 1861 and 1865.

Rive d’Or Hoard: a wonderful and still mysterious treasure

The Rive d’Or Hoard was also made up of coins of Australian sovereigns and other worldwide coins from the 19th and 20th centuries, including French gold coins.

One example is the Napoleon I 20 franc gold coin, engraved in Paris in 1812. It dates back to the year when the Emperor invaded Russia, shortly before his fall. When he was exiled two years later, the coins bearing his image were collected and destroyed, hence their great value. This coin is a major witness of this period of history.

Edmund C. Moy was the Director of the United States Mint at the time the Golden Shore treasure was unveiled. According to him, the interest in these coins comes from all the mysteries surrounding this treasure, which came out of nowhere, but also from their very good condition, due to their concealment during all these years.

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